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EcoCaddy FAQ

Can I currently hail an EcoCaddy to go from A to B in the CBD or North Adelaide?

Please head HERE to check out our current operating times. 


Do you build these trikes?

Our trikes are imported from overseas. Once here, we heavily modify the design so they can better serve their purpose as a taxi vehicle and logistics vehicle.


What sort of wood is this?

The wood used on our Caddy’s is steam pressed Moso bamboo.


How fast can you go?

We can get up to 25km/h with electrical assistance.


Can you do a mono?

We would if we could! Our bikes have been specially engineered with a low centre of gravity to ensure they don’t tip.    


Can you pop a skid?

We try not to skid unless absolutely necessary. We have four 203mm diameter disc brakes which give our vehicles incredible stopping power - stopping from 25km/h to 0 in just a couple of metres.


How much weight can you take?

300kg. This is the combined weight of our rider and our passengers.


You’ve got a boot?

Yes, we have a boot that can carry 100litres, or 2.5 cartons of beer. 😉

Do we need to wear seat belts?

Legally our rider and passengers do not require a seatbelt. In order for you to feel as comfortable as possible on your trip, we have installed seatbelts on all of our Caddies which are optional for you to use.


How far do you ride?

Our taxi service operates within the Adelaide City Council zone. This includes the Adelaide CBD, the suburb of North Adelaide, and the surrounding park lands. Occasionally, there are events that take us outside the CBD but locations are on a case by case basis. For more information please visit link.


How far can you take me?

We can take you anywhere within the Adelaide City Council limits and will take the fastest route from your pickup to drop-off destinations.


How far does ten bucks take me?

$10 will take you anywhere inside either of the two zones EcoCaddy operates within. Between zones will cost you $15.


Can I make a quick stop off and then keep going? Will that cost extra?

Of course you can! Extra stops will cost $5 on top of your base fare.


What happens when it’s raining, do you guys still run?

Yes, we have a protective weather cover for our Caddy’s that protect our passengers and riders from the elements.


Have you ever crashed?

We are happy to report that EcoCaddy has a track record of 35,000 safe and successful trips! All riders have a South Australian driver's license and are well trained in the local road rules.


Does the Council/Government give you any support?

We are a completely independant and unsubsidised service.  


How much do you get paid?

All riders get paid an hourly wage, with benefits.


Who pays your wage?

EcoCaddy is a privately held company with all HR processes kept in house.