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EcoCaddy Advertising

EcoCaddy is a unique platform that connects brands with their target audiences by providing South Australians with a clean, safe and enjoyable way to get from A to B.

We strongly believe that the journey is more important than the destination and this gives opportunity to create an ever-lasting experience for our passengers.

Our evocative fleet of electric-assisted pedicabs cut through the noise and capture the attention of our passengers, pedestrians, vehicles and buildings we pass on the streets!



Compelling | Our vehicles have become an iconic spectacle in the City that draws the eye and engages with your target audience.

Return on Investment | Our unique business model allows us to deliver the lowest cost per thousand (CPM) compared to any other outdoor media format on the market, providing you with a great return on investment.

Right in the Action | The nature of our business is to move people - so we naturally gravitate our sign boards to where your audiences tend to congregate, ensuring your campaign will always receive a high rate of impressions. 

Creative | Our team will create a turn-key solution for you and an experience that your customers will never forget, generating a buzz that will increase the geographic footprint of your campaign.



Why Choose EcoCaddy Advertising?

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We offer a unique platform to truly engage with your target audiences


Highly trained local brand ambassadors spread your story effectively through word-of-mouth


Our evocative & eye-catching EcoCaddies move your brand's message

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Our advertising services are zero-emissions and environmentally friendly


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Day Rider

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Night Rider Demographics.jpeg


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What our clients are saying about us



"The EcoCaddy team nailed it -10/10 from me! Such a brilliant campaign, BOOM!"

Emma Watkins, Community Manager


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"We have had unbelievable feedback from our customers that used EcoCaddy during our campaign - you guys were the highlight of the night!"

Chantelle Leaney, Communications Executive - Programming & Communications

Testimonials_Donate Life Logo-06-06.jpg

Donate Life

"We had a great experience working with EcoCaddy. I think the EcoCaddy brand has great associations in Adelaide, the locals love it!"

Bronwyn Ludlam, Senior Media and Communications Officer