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Friday Frienday

Friday Frienday #13

Friday Frienday #13

Troppo Architects


FRIDAY FRIENDAY IS BACK! If you're unfamiliar with what you're about to sink your teeth into, then take a look back through the archives of some of our previous entries. These posts are all about showing our appreciation for other amazing South Australian businesses and brands. So without further adieu, let's kick it off with none other than Troppo Architects.

We're very fond of everything that the creative minds at this iconic South Australian architecture firm create. We've paid homage to their successful and simply amazing cafe, Cafe Troppo, in the past. But now it's time to acknowledge the team behind it. 

Troppo Architects was founded in response to the need for more robust housing following the devastation caused by Cyclone Tracey in the Northern Territory. Phil Harris and Adrian Welke founded the business and together, with their small team of intelligent and hard working architects, have been picking up awards left, right and centre.

They're the true definition of the term quiet achievers; having picked up so many local, national and international awards, it would take us a lot of time to even begin listing them here. Instead, you can visit their website and take a look for yourself.

Perhaps most impressively though is Troppo's latest award, The Peter Dermoudy award for Commercial Architecture. They were awarded this significant honour for the work they've been doing in the APY lands, designing modular and transportable housing for communities in Kakadu, NT. Congratulations, Troppo!

For the team, it's all about designing Eco-Friendly, Green buildings that use locally sourced materials to passively cool and insulate the structure. With Adelaide keenly focussed on becoming Australia's first Carbon Neutral City, we couldn't think of a more suitable candidate to kick off our Friday Frienday posts after such a long absence. 

Pay Cafe Troppo a visit in the near future, or if you're a beach dweller, take a look at Henley Square, which they recently redeveloped.

Friday Frienday #011

Friday Frienday #011

Market Meals


Lunch time goes a bit a like this. You're hungry but you haven't packed a lunch. You blame morning you, who blames yesterday you, for not preparing yourself lunch. Blame is no solution to your hunger though. You resolve your inner argument as you leave your office, wait in line for a meal and eat it. You return to the office with a new found motivation to make yourself a healthy meal for tomorrow. It's 9pm and you face the same dilemma. It's okay, this is a common issue for all, but, did you know that there is a solution. A solution so simple, you'll wish you'd found it earlier. It's called Market Meals, and they're our Friday Frienday for good reason.

Market Meals, run by Ryan Kris, Lucie Vano & their expert team, which includes a dietitian & great kitchen staff, exists to solve your lunchtime blues. It's an idea that grew from a conversation that Ryan and Lucie had while working in the music business. An opportunity to give some new software a run was the perfect starting block, and a property on Market Street, across from the Adelaide Central Markets, enabled it all.

Adelaide is a wonderful city and there is a growing demand for fast, healthy and affordable meals (as we've noted  previously). Market Meals caters for that demand and goes the extra mile to deliver it to your door! 


“More people want healthy options. We source our ingredients fresh from the Adelaide Central Markets. We’re thinking of all the aspects of the consumption cycle and we’re reducing the carbon footprint.

— Ryan Kris, Co-Founder

Blog_06_Friday Frienday_Market Meals_00.jpeg


Market Meals is unique, as they're not explicitly a food truck and nor are they a closed kitchen; instead they exist mainly online. It's a different way to operate, but one that certainly speaks innovation and creativity. 2016 will see a new line of pressed juices join the menu, along with increased catering services for offices and of course the same amount of supporting and encouraging a healthy community. Book a meal online and give yourself a Hi-5 when that meal is delivered, you'll deserve it.

Friday Frienday #010

Friday Frienday #010

Treadly Bike Store

Welcome to the first Friday Frienday of 2016. We've been busy working at the Tour Down Under and we're loving every minute of it! So we thought we'd continue on the bike rhetoric with a dedication to one of our finest establishments dedicated to the two - or even three - wheels;  Treadly Bike Shop

Treadly accommodates the lycra clad riders, the city commuter and the family transporter. Nestled on the lively Ebenezer Place, it epitomizes what makes this street amazing. The district has seen a lot of revitalisation, spearheaded mainly by Tectvs Architects and the Maras Group after a huge lull in activity following the '90's recession. Now though, Ebenezer is the go-to-destination with a diverse range of eateries, exceptional cafes, boutique retail shops, bars, offices and accomodation!

When we enter Treadly we're warmly greeted by young gun founder, Sam Neeft, and his tight knit crew Hamish and Jake. These guys aren't just mechanics, they're carers. They care about the bike and the rider, and they ensure that you get the ride that fits your every need. There's no judgment from this crew either, whether it's an easy solution to a tricky problem or something they really need to work on, it's a welcoming community that you'll never feel embarrassed in - and we love that, because cycling is great and maintaining your ride is important, and should never feel 'too hard' or 'out of your league'. 

Blog_06_Friday Frienday_Treadly Bike Shop_00.jpeg

What we love most about Treadly, though, is their willingness to give back to the community. The Boucle De Burbs, an annual event designed to urge participants to take their time and explore new places via bike, is a shining example. If you missed out in 2015, don't worry because it will be on again this year, so be sure to block out August from any potential vacation time! Of course, if you can't wait that long, they're running an event called MAKER - showcasing the best things about Australian cycling -this Sunday January 24th out the front of their shop, from 10am - 3pm. See you there!

Friday Frienday #009


Topham Mall has turned over a new leaf and with the support of Renew Adelaide is budding into something truly marvelous. One of the innovative new businesses that has sprouted from Renew's input is The Flower Nook. Founder Sophie Kresevic came up with the idea after finishing her interior design degree and deciding that an office job was not her bag - or bouquet if you will. 

What has blossomed since is a fantastic smelling space and business model that focuses on simplicity. The layout is minimalist and the use of ply on a white backdrop speaks true of the vision behind the business; that choosing and enjoying flowers should be an easy, fun task and enjoyed daily!

Blog_06_Friday Frienday_The Flower Nook_00.jpeg


Matched with impeccable service by their friendly staff, it's no wonder flower sales are blooming! Sophie believes that everyone should have a little joy in their life and flowers are a simple way of ensuring that happens. We definitely agree, and that's why you shouldn't be surprised when you see one of our Caddies rolling down the street with some of The Flower Nook's brightly colored bunches or succulents in our back seat. The Flower Nook creates happiness and wants to spread the love on the daily and we are all about that! That's why they are our Friday Frienday for this week!

Friday Frienday #008

Friday Frienday #008

Perpetuated by the rapid burgeoning of small bars, cafes and co-op spaces in the city, Adelaide is becoming cool. But three years ago before all that really began, there was one cafe that set out to do things differently. Maddie & Alex Harris took a punt on the untapped potential of the "questionable" south-west quarter of the City.

The result of that dive in the deep end is Cafe Troppo. A charming little space that's situated where Sturt Street intersects with the eastern side of Whitmore Square. It's the go-to when you want a health-kick and a tasty coffee; try the housemade almond milk! The team behind the bar are made up of talented and creative individuals, from sculptors to musicians and performing artists, so you're always guaranteed a good yarn. Troppo, as of this year, has become a Friday night destination, too. They secured a small bar liquor licence, and since then the wines, music and brews have been flowing freely. 

Designed by local Troppo Architects, the space itself has a unique aesthetic. The native flora used in the design is complemented by the rich aromas of locally sourced food (sometimes literally from the neighbours backyard) and beverages. It's an aesthetic that transports you away from the feel of a big city and into something similar to an outback shack - and it's really nice.

Blog_06_Friday Frienday_Cafe Troppo_00.jpeg

Cafe Troppo is a catalyst for evocative change in Adelaide's rapidly transforming South-West quarter. It started with next-to-no foot traffic and they now stand as a major draw card for the area bringing in visitors from far reaches of the City. From the attention to the detail, to the friendly crew and menu that boasts local produce, Cafe Troppo has it all and it's easy to see. That's also the reason why you will probably spot one of our Caddies there next time you visit. Happy Friday Frienday Cafe Troppo!

Friday Frienday #007 Radio Adelaide


Friday Frienday #007 Radio Adelaide


Welcome to Radio Adelaide, a place often referred to as the dream factory - and here's why.

Radio Adelaide is Australia's first community radio station, it was first managed by our good friend and Mr. South Australia, Keith Conlon. It has provided the starting block for journalists and media professionals for over 43 years. It's a place that welcomes you in with wide arms and big grin, and It's a station where dreams can actually become a reality.

For years, University students from The University of Adelaide have volunteered at  Radio Adelaide, learning and honing their skills in everything from news reading, production and on-air presenting. It's imperative for their development in the media industry and it's a valuable network to be involved with. But it's not just the young people that get the most from Radio Adelaide. It's our older generations, too. Every year over 400 volunteers get together to do everything from spin their favourite records on-air, to helping out at the station. It's a community that reaches far beyond their soon-to-be demolished, home at 228 North Terrace.

And that's where this Friday Frienday becomes sad. Radio Adelaide is in threat of closing. 


Friday Frienday #006

Friday Frienday #006

Little Black Bike

Little Black Bike Store_04

This is a story that begins around forty years ago when BMX as a style was formed and a young man's passion was unearthed. That young man, Matt 'Hodgy' Hodgson, fell in love with BMX at an early age and it has dominated his life ever since. After making it pro and racing the Australian scene for a long time, he hung up the wheels. But what was to come next? Hodgy isn't one to be boxed in, and a 9-5 office job was never going to be an option. So he started Little Black Bike,the go to destination for all BMX riders that want to know the best spots in town to shred, fix the unfixable and a fun place to share some banter.

Though specialising in BMX sales and repairs, Hodgy has an open door policy for his shop. It's that attitude that often sees him nutting out some of the more weird and complicated fix-ups that most other bike stores wouldn't dare to touch. 


Little Black Bike - abbreviated to LBB - is tucked away in a little lane called Fredrick Street, just off Whitmore Square. A two minute walk from our workshop, Cafe Troppo, Vietnamese Laundry, Paddy's Lantern, My Kingdom For A Horse and an exciting new Gin Distillery and Bar. It's a welcomed addition to a rapidly transforming neighbourhood.

“(The closure) affected local businesses like my shop because now less BMXers are venturing into the city. The park was revolutionary as it was neutral territory, and all the riders and skaters embraced it.

— Matt Hodgsdon, Little Black Bike

Blog_06_Friday Frienday_Little Black Bike_00.jpeg

The workshop's impact has been noticeably positive, not only because it has one of the nicest fit outs going 'round, but it has also encouraged the number of BMX riders cruise through the streets on the reg. Most recently though, the BMX scene in Adelaide has experienced some rapid change. The closure of the North Terrace skate park - a hottly contested subject around Matt's peers - being the driving force.

LBB has been around for 7 years thanks to Matt's dedication to the BMX scene. We love the way LBB roll. They are a testament as to how a small business can play a significant role in positively impacting a community.

Friday Frienday #003

Friday Frienday #003

City Brief

Blog_06_Friday Frienday_City Brief_01.jpeg

By now you'll have had a peek inside the colourful City Brief guide that you can find in many of Adelaide's great establishments. The seasonal guide gives you a minimalistic perspective of the city, including what's happening, where to eat before attending that very event and even how to get there (plus so much more!)

Sam Dickinson is the brains (and good looks) behind the book, with a simple idea and the motivation to highlight the best things in our City - all which he probably learned during his other venture - Jaunty Shoe Shine in Adelaide Arcade.

We've had a blue (our personal favourite), red and a green guide - so what's next? Well, the next season is summer, so... (no spoilers here)

Pick up a copy, flick through it and find somewhere in this rad city to visit. 

Founder for City Brief - Sam Dickinson

Founder for City Brief - Sam Dickinson

Friday Frienday #002

Friday Frienday #002


Blog_04_Friday Frienday_Mondays Coffee Store.jpeg

Perhaps the most anticipated Friday Frienday yet - and not because last week's edition was the first and you're all on the edge of the seat to find out who our next friend is - but because of a lil' something we shared with you earlier in the week. 

Who is this mysterious coffee bean man and what's he doing running on top of the EcoCaddy Logo? 

Alright, so if you read a little deeper into our instagram post, you'll have noticed the caption "Mondays x EcoCaddy". But what does it all mean, basil?

This is an exciting new project for us, and we're proud to be teaming up with another great local business. Starting real soon, EcoCaddy and Monday's Coffee Store, on Gawler place, will be delivering iced filter brew coffee to your door! Yep, that means you won't have to walk all the way in the blistering summer sun to get that satisfying cup. 

We're not far away from rolling this delicious service out to you regularly. The best part is that you can book us to bring coffee to you! That's right. If you've got an office meeting coming up or have a lecture filled with unenthusiastic students needing a pick-me-up, we can be there to save the day! 

We'll keep you updated on our instagram and facebook pages when the time comes.

In the mean time, visit Mondays, say g'day to Jarrad and the crew and enjoy a bangin' hot brew, a delicious bagel and soak in some sweet beats. Check them out on Instagram, too.

Blog_04_Friday Frienday_Mondays Coffee Store_02.jpeg

Friday Frienday #001!

Friday Frienday #001!

The latest edition of CityMag!

The latest edition of CityMag!

The latest edition of CityMag!

Kickin' off our first Friday Frienday is CityMag. 

This magazine must - if it isn't already - be your go-to guide to discover the latest that's happening within the Adelaide CBD.

Journalists, photographers, designers and artists all contribute, meaning the content is always well ahead of the curve!

Visit their website for regular updates or pick up one of their quarterly hard copies, usually found in the city's best cafe's.

Follow them on instagram for some sleek photography, too.

We love you CityMag!