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Friday Frienday #008

Friday Frienday #008

Perpetuated by the rapid burgeoning of small bars, cafes and co-op spaces in the city, Adelaide is becoming cool. But three years ago before all that really began, there was one cafe that set out to do things differently. Maddie & Alex Harris took a punt on the untapped potential of the "questionable" south-west quarter of the City.

The result of that dive in the deep end is Cafe Troppo. A charming little space that's situated where Sturt Street intersects with the eastern side of Whitmore Square. It's the go-to when you want a health-kick and a tasty coffee; try the housemade almond milk! The team behind the bar are made up of talented and creative individuals, from sculptors to musicians and performing artists, so you're always guaranteed a good yarn. Troppo, as of this year, has become a Friday night destination, too. They secured a small bar liquor licence, and since then the wines, music and brews have been flowing freely. 

Designed by local Troppo Architects, the space itself has a unique aesthetic. The native flora used in the design is complemented by the rich aromas of locally sourced food (sometimes literally from the neighbours backyard) and beverages. It's an aesthetic that transports you away from the feel of a big city and into something similar to an outback shack - and it's really nice.

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Cafe Troppo is a catalyst for evocative change in Adelaide's rapidly transforming South-West quarter. It started with next-to-no foot traffic and they now stand as a major draw card for the area bringing in visitors from far reaches of the City. From the attention to the detail, to the friendly crew and menu that boasts local produce, Cafe Troppo has it all and it's easy to see. That's also the reason why you will probably spot one of our Caddies there next time you visit. Happy Friday Frienday Cafe Troppo!

Friday Frienday #002

Friday Frienday #002


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Perhaps the most anticipated Friday Frienday yet - and not because last week's edition was the first and you're all on the edge of the seat to find out who our next friend is - but because of a lil' something we shared with you earlier in the week. 

Who is this mysterious coffee bean man and what's he doing running on top of the EcoCaddy Logo? 

Alright, so if you read a little deeper into our instagram post, you'll have noticed the caption "Mondays x EcoCaddy". But what does it all mean, basil?

This is an exciting new project for us, and we're proud to be teaming up with another great local business. Starting real soon, EcoCaddy and Monday's Coffee Store, on Gawler place, will be delivering iced filter brew coffee to your door! Yep, that means you won't have to walk all the way in the blistering summer sun to get that satisfying cup. 

We're not far away from rolling this delicious service out to you regularly. The best part is that you can book us to bring coffee to you! That's right. If you've got an office meeting coming up or have a lecture filled with unenthusiastic students needing a pick-me-up, we can be there to save the day! 

We'll keep you updated on our instagram and facebook pages when the time comes.

In the mean time, visit Mondays, say g'day to Jarrad and the crew and enjoy a bangin' hot brew, a delicious bagel and soak in some sweet beats. Check them out on Instagram, too.

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