The alarm starts buzzing at 4:55am. It's a crisp Friday morning. In under an hour, a caddy is rolling out of the workshop and into the dusk. The city, usually bustling with pedestrians, cyclists and motorists is bereft of activity. The early morning council workers sweeping the streets and collecting the bins wave to us as we glide gently down a sleepy King William Road. The morning air is fresh, dewy and full of potential. We're out this early because we're trying something new.  

Developed over a few cups of coffee, our brand new partnership with Mondays Coffee Store took shape. We quickly realised that our two businesses have a lot in common too - we're both people focused and aspire to offer the best quality product to our customers with no room for second best - so teaming up was logical!

We needed a test bed to seed the idea and it didn't take long for us to settle on a place that, although it's in a remote part of the city, houses a temporary population of construction workers every day - the site of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital. The dedicated hard working crew arrive earlier than when the first route of public transport begins running, and we were confident they loved their coffee, too. 

So Thursday evening came around and Jarrad starting brewing in his Galwer Place store, while we detailed the prime location to deliver it, free of charge. 

Watch the video below to see how we delivered 75 cups of iced coffee across town in under 30 minutes. Get in touch if your business needs something delivered in the CBD or North Adelaide.