Treadly Bike Store

Welcome to the first Friday Frienday of 2016. We've been busy working at the Tour Down Under and we're loving every minute of it! So we thought we'd continue on the bike rhetoric with a dedication to one of our finest establishments dedicated to the two - or even three - wheels;  Treadly Bike Shop

Treadly accommodates the lycra clad riders, the city commuter and the family transporter. Nestled on the lively Ebenezer Place, it epitomizes what makes this street amazing. The district has seen a lot of revitalisation, spearheaded mainly by Tectvs Architects and the Maras Group after a huge lull in activity following the '90's recession. Now though, Ebenezer is the go-to-destination with a diverse range of eateries, exceptional cafes, boutique retail shops, bars, offices and accomodation!

When we enter Treadly we're warmly greeted by young gun founder, Sam Neeft, and his tight knit crew Hamish and Jake. These guys aren't just mechanics, they're carers. They care about the bike and the rider, and they ensure that you get the ride that fits your every need. There's no judgment from this crew either, whether it's an easy solution to a tricky problem or something they really need to work on, it's a welcoming community that you'll never feel embarrassed in - and we love that, because cycling is great and maintaining your ride is important, and should never feel 'too hard' or 'out of your league'. 

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What we love most about Treadly, though, is their willingness to give back to the community. The Boucle De Burbs, an annual event designed to urge participants to take their time and explore new places via bike, is a shining example. If you missed out in 2015, don't worry because it will be on again this year, so be sure to block out August from any potential vacation time! Of course, if you can't wait that long, they're running an event called MAKER - showcasing the best things about Australian cycling -this Sunday January 24th out the front of their shop, from 10am - 3pm. See you there!