Market Meals


Lunch time goes a bit a like this. You're hungry but you haven't packed a lunch. You blame morning you, who blames yesterday you, for not preparing yourself lunch. Blame is no solution to your hunger though. You resolve your inner argument as you leave your office, wait in line for a meal and eat it. You return to the office with a new found motivation to make yourself a healthy meal for tomorrow. It's 9pm and you face the same dilemma. It's okay, this is a common issue for all, but, did you know that there is a solution. A solution so simple, you'll wish you'd found it earlier. It's called Market Meals, and they're our Friday Frienday for good reason.

Market Meals, run by Ryan Kris, Lucie Vano & their expert team, which includes a dietitian & great kitchen staff, exists to solve your lunchtime blues. It's an idea that grew from a conversation that Ryan and Lucie had while working in the music business. An opportunity to give some new software a run was the perfect starting block, and a property on Market Street, across from the Adelaide Central Markets, enabled it all.

Adelaide is a wonderful city and there is a growing demand for fast, healthy and affordable meals (as we've noted  previously). Market Meals caters for that demand and goes the extra mile to deliver it to your door! 


“More people want healthy options. We source our ingredients fresh from the Adelaide Central Markets. We’re thinking of all the aspects of the consumption cycle and we’re reducing the carbon footprint.

— Ryan Kris, Co-Founder

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Market Meals is unique, as they're not explicitly a food truck and nor are they a closed kitchen; instead they exist mainly online. It's a different way to operate, but one that certainly speaks innovation and creativity. 2016 will see a new line of pressed juices join the menu, along with increased catering services for offices and of course the same amount of supporting and encouraging a healthy community. Book a meal online and give yourself a Hi-5 when that meal is delivered, you'll deserve it.