City Brief

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By now you'll have had a peek inside the colourful City Brief guide that you can find in many of Adelaide's great establishments. The seasonal guide gives you a minimalistic perspective of the city, including what's happening, where to eat before attending that very event and even how to get there (plus so much more!)

Sam Dickinson is the brains (and good looks) behind the book, with a simple idea and the motivation to highlight the best things in our City - all which he probably learned during his other venture - Jaunty Shoe Shine in Adelaide Arcade.

We've had a blue (our personal favourite), red and a green guide - so what's next? Well, the next season is summer, so... (no spoilers here)

Pick up a copy, flick through it and find somewhere in this rad city to visit. 

Founder for City Brief - Sam Dickinson

Founder for City Brief - Sam Dickinson