Topham Mall has turned over a new leaf and with the support of Renew Adelaide is budding into something truly marvelous. One of the innovative new businesses that has sprouted from Renew's input is The Flower Nook. Founder Sophie Kresevic came up with the idea after finishing her interior design degree and deciding that an office job was not her bag - or bouquet if you will. 

What has blossomed since is a fantastic smelling space and business model that focuses on simplicity. The layout is minimalist and the use of ply on a white backdrop speaks true of the vision behind the business; that choosing and enjoying flowers should be an easy, fun task and enjoyed daily!

Blog_06_Friday Frienday_The Flower Nook_00.jpeg


Matched with impeccable service by their friendly staff, it's no wonder flower sales are blooming! Sophie believes that everyone should have a little joy in their life and flowers are a simple way of ensuring that happens. We definitely agree, and that's why you shouldn't be surprised when you see one of our Caddies rolling down the street with some of The Flower Nook's brightly colored bunches or succulents in our back seat. The Flower Nook creates happiness and wants to spread the love on the daily and we are all about that! That's why they are our Friday Frienday for this week!