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This is a story that begins around forty years ago when BMX as a style was formed and a young man's passion was unearthed. That young man, Matt 'Hodgy' Hodgson, fell in love with BMX at an early age and it has dominated his life ever since. After making it pro and racing the Australian scene for a long time, he hung up the wheels. But what was to come next? Hodgy isn't one to be boxed in, and a 9-5 office job was never going to be an option. So he started Little Black Bike,the go to destination for all BMX riders that want to know the best spots in town to shred, fix the unfixable and a fun place to share some banter.

Though specialising in BMX sales and repairs, Hodgy has an open door policy for his shop. It's that attitude that often sees him nutting out some of the more weird and complicated fix-ups that most other bike stores wouldn't dare to touch. 


Little Black Bike - abbreviated to LBB - is tucked away in a little lane called Fredrick Street, just off Whitmore Square. A two minute walk from our workshop, Cafe Troppo, Vietnamese Laundry, Paddy's Lantern, My Kingdom For A Horse and an exciting new Gin Distillery and Bar. It's a welcomed addition to a rapidly transforming neighbourhood.

“(The closure) affected local businesses like my shop because now less BMXers are venturing into the city. The park was revolutionary as it was neutral territory, and all the riders and skaters embraced it.

— Matt Hodgsdon, Little Black Bike

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The workshop's impact has been noticeably positive, not only because it has one of the nicest fit outs going 'round, but it has also encouraged the number of BMX riders cruise through the streets on the reg. Most recently though, the BMX scene in Adelaide has experienced some rapid change. The closure of the North Terrace skate park - a hottly contested subject around Matt's peers - being the driving force.

LBB has been around for 7 years thanks to Matt's dedication to the BMX scene. We love the way LBB roll. They are a testament as to how a small business can play a significant role in positively impacting a community.